Our Partnership with Accountants

We are proud of our outstanding partnership with Accounting professionals. 

Nationwide Accounting Partnerships

Here at Precision Payroll Services Inc., we are pleased to partner with accountants as a quality referral resource. We are able to provide quality payroll, timekeeping, compliance services, and more without the sky high prices! Accountants from coast to coast have contacted Precision Payroll Services Inc. for a partnership and have never looked back! Why? Because we place customer relationships at the forefront of our business model, and we offer the quality, accuracy, and attention to detail that businesses crave. Our team does not hesitate to go above and beyond for each and every one of our accounting partners, and we are eager to show you how our services can work for your business! Ready to take the leap? 

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National White Labeling Services in New Jersey

Our white labeling services are a great way to provide your clients with payroll services by outsourcing to Precision Payroll Services Inc. Your company logo will be on all forms, documents, check stubs, and on the online system. Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing that our expert team is at your disposal while you better serve your clientele.  

QuickBooks/PeachTree Integration

In order to provide even greater payroll efficiency, we offer QuickBooks and PeachTree integration for your clients. The client will receive the payroll data in a file that they can download directly into their QuickBooks or PeachTree system. This eliminates the tedious and time-consuming data entry process for you and your client. It also disperses the data under the correct GL (General Ledger) accounts that have been set up for them. Another great benefit is being able to link all of your clients into one login on our online system so you can switch between clients without having to log in and out repeatedly. To streamline and simplify your clients' payrolls with Precision Payroll Services.

Offering After-The-Fact Payroll for Payroll Tax Filing 

After-The-Fact Payroll is where the accountant records information for a client that cuts their own checks weekly before payroll is calculated. At the end of the term (monthly, for example) they contact us to gross the net, calculate taxes, do reporting, W2s, 1099s at end of the year.

We provide our partners and clients with a comprehensive, hassle-free compliance system that provides robust functionality, payroll tax forms, extensive reporting, documentation, and support. In addition, After-The-Fact Payroll is customized to match each company's unique payroll information. It also offers various support forms as well as electronic payroll tax filing.

Want to learn more? Schedule a consultation with our team, we'd love to speak with you!