Time & Attendance Systems for Tri-State & Nationwide

Save money with accurate, automated timekeeping.

Eliminate Time Theft

Keep your employees accountable using modern timekeeping technology.

Reduce Clerical Costs

Automated employee time clocks save time versus manual calculation.

Prevent Errors

Make sure your time & attendance systems produce results that are free of human error.

Automated Timekeeping & Attendance for Your Business

Get the convenience and accuracy of automated employee time clocks. Utilizing the latest timekeeping technology, you can provide ease and convenience for you and your employees—all while saving money on time-consuming clerical tasks, inaccurate/dishonest timekeeping, and the ill benefits of human error.

Our online system integrates with most online timeclocks (most, not all), and we provide plenty of timekeeping options from which you’ll have no problem picking one that works best for your situation. Additionally, our software integrates with Procare Software® for additional convenience for your childcare business.

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Employee Time Clocks

Here are the time and attendance systems we offer provided by Swipeclock Workforce Management:


Cloud-based time and attendance clock featuring a 7” LCD touchscreen along with proximity card and fingerprint support.

  • No more missed and unmatched punches
  • Auto-sync timekeeping and payroll systems
  • Tools for absence and overtime, leave planning, etc.
  • Time card visibility

Accurate Online Timekeeping



Get added convenience for you and your employees. Let employees clock in and out via a standard web browser. Data is available in real-time, and you can restrict employee punching via IP address for added accuracy for online timekeeping.

Mobile App & Weather Resistant

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Get the simplicity and convenience of the TimeWorksPlus mobile app with PinPoint GPS. Employees can clock in/out and supervisors can approve time cards with ease.


All the features of TimeworksTouch with a rugged, portable, industrial-style case for your less clean and neat job sites.

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Battery backup
  • Off-line mode


Z33 & Z34 Biometric Clocks

Have a simple, straightforward biometric clock with fingerprint and PIN verification. Comes with a real-time clock with an on-screen print view. Both the TimeWorksTouch and the TimeWorksTUFF clocks are also biometric.

GT-400 Handkey

Enable employees to clock in and out using the size and shape of their hand. It offers a real-time ethernet connection.

Hosted VoiceClock Telephony

Clock in and out over the phone. Have the option of generic/shared number or private local number.

Card & PIN Clocks

Z14 Proximity & MagStripe

The proximity reader allows you to clock in and out with a PIN, an optional Mango “prox” card, or a magnetic stripe card option.


The Z18 ethernet-enabled clock is intended for professional wall mounting and offers universal 3rd-party prox card compatibility.