Tri-State & Nationwide HR Solutions & ACA Compliance Services

Lending a hand with HR and Healthcare Compliance.

Save Time

Streamline your HR department with some outside help from the professionals.

Stay Compliant

Don't run the risk of being fined by the IRS. ACA Compliance requirements are very specific. Let us deal with the details.

Save Money

With our help, you'll save on in-house expenses by outsourcing time-consuming HR and ACA compliance tasks.

Tri-State HR Solutions & ACA Compliance Services

In addition to taking care of payroll processing for your employees, Precision Payroll Services can give you a more streamlined HR department. With various HR solutions and ACA Compliance services, we’ll give you assistance for added convenience with employee relations and lawful compliance to reduce the record-keeping burden for your in-house employees.

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ACA Compliance Services

We help take the complexity out of ACA (Affordable Care Act) Compliance by helping file the appropriate forms with the IRS where applicable. We can help sort out how employees are categorized and which ones need to be accounted for as an FTE (Full Time Equivalent) employee—which is information needed for placing your business in a category for tax and compliance purposes. Continue to offer quality benefits to your employees while avoiding fines due to failure to comply with the complex requirements enforced by the IRS.


Our Affordable Care Act (ACA) service allows users to track:

  • Large employer status
  • Employee status
  • Dependents, affordability
  • Produce 1095 and 1094 forms

Nationwide HR Solutions

HR (Human Resources) needs run right alongside the basic financial functions of payroll processing. Where payroll deals with accounting and tax information, HR involves various employee information and services that will inevitably affect payroll. Our HR solutions go from providing information to employees and new hires, to dealing with things like employee benefits, salary increases, bonuses, and maternity leave.


Our Online HR Support Module gives you access to employee information such as:


HR Document Storage

You also have the option of uploading any HR documents to a cloud server for secure storage. This is an inexpensive way to keep your documents in a central, easy to access location as you protect you and your staff from identity theft.