Nationwide Ancillary Services

Here are some additional services we provide apart from Payroll.

HR Solutions and ACA Compliance

Streamline your HR department so you can save time and money while staying ACA compliant.

Workers' Compensation

Pay-as-you-go worker's comp gives you a more streamlined and accurate process that eliminates large down payments and Admin fees.

Time & Attendance

Get convenient and accurate timekeeping and attendance data to save time and money by reducing clerical labor and human error.

Admin Support

Payroll and taxes can be complex. We provide additional services to guide you through overwhelming paperwork.

HR Solutions & ACA Compliance for Tri-State Area

Reduce the time and record-keeping burden for you and your staff with a more streamlined Human Resources (HR) department and compliance for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). HR goes right along with payroll, giving you assistance with employee relations and ACA compliance which inevitably affect payroll. This involves things like employee benefits, salary increases, bonuses, and maternity leave.

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Workers' Compensation

With our pay-as-you-go workers' compensation plans, you only pay based on the actual data from each pay period. Other plans depend on estimations, accompanied by a large down payment, that needs to be adjusted later. This results in either a refund or an extra payment at the end of the year, as well as periodic audits that take up valuable time and resources.

Time & Attendance

We have plenty of options to make timekeeping and attendance easier and error-free. Manual timekeeping is a complex and error-prone task that only costs you more money on payroll as you pay staff to tabulate the data, which takes more time and increases the risk of human error. Check out our automated timekeeping options to see what best suits your business's needs.

Admin Support

Apart from our traditional payroll services, we also offer additional admin support to give you additional information and even walk you through paperwork that you may not have experience with. We're your liaison for state information, guiding you through the often complex world of payroll and tax processes. We can also provide you with useful links, reports, and advice so you know what to fill out given your situation.